Digital communications for environmental causes

Tamarack Media UK was created in 2013 as a subsidiary of Tamarack Media Cooperative in Burlington, Vermont. In 2023, the UK company became independent from the US cooperative. In addition to providing website design and video production services, Tamarack Media UK distributes the documentary Biophilic Design and this website shares information about Bill Finnegan's research on climate education.

Bill Finnegan has twenty years of experience in digital communications for environmental causes. After a stint in documentary production in Boston at Interlock Media and Smash Entertainment Group, Bill co-founded Tamarack Media in 2003. He has worked with a wide range of environmental charities, green businesses and academic institutions on videos, websites and social media campaigns.

Bill is currently finishing a PhD at the University of Oxford, where he also serves as the curriculum project lead for the sustainability strategy, research officer for the Education and Training for the Climate interdisciplinary hub, and coordinator of the Museum of Climate Hope public engagement project.